Viewing Tamara Lichtenstein’s photo collection was like an adrenaline shot! Absolutely intriguing, dreamlike and raw! A fatal combination I must add! Using the technique of dual exposure, she experiments with her subjects and ideas, showcasing a very fresh and genuine artistic approach.

Tamara captures moments of pure visual delight and reveals her world in a bold manner. In a way every professional photographer should!

A limited selection of prints is currently available in her Etsy Shop!
In feaverish’s photo shop one can browse through a variety of multi themed photo prints. I particularly enjoyed the Tiny Animals collection captured by an old Konica SLR depicting tiny animal toys. The blurred earthly tones really add a magic touch in the visuals!

The photographer notes: “Almost all of the photos were taken with various old film cameras. I love the way film looks, Polaroid especially, and I'm just not ready to abandon it for digital. Hopefully I never will be.”
A very talented girl with many faces quoting Frida Kahlo “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best”. In the artist’s ellemoss gallery one can find a wide variety of conceptual shots. Romantic, dark, emotive, even surreal visual images compose an inspiring and dreamy collection!

The artist’s artwork has been featured in numerous art sites and magazines.

state: “Our ambition is to capture and present images in a unique and engaging way.” There’s no need to add that their ambition is fulfilled as this inspiring and very original collection is definitely eye-catching!

In their gallery one can browse through photographic series concentrating on vintage, food, nature landscapes and industrial shots. I selected to present their Insect set because I was completely blown away by its originality and high aesthetics. 

Cat Bishop, the talented artist behind Artsy’s Shop transforms old objects such as toys, dishes, cameras, car parts and game pieces into amazingly original art sculptures. Here, I am presenting the photo collection of her creations, also available in prints.

A few words by the artist: “I am inspired by 1920's thru 1950's design. Retro colors, mod decor, carnivals, vintage cars, retro kitchens, old wood toys and games, vintage clocks, cameras and bakelite objects from dice to poolballs. The original sculptures were created with recycled vintage objects, old wood toys, retro kitchen ware, old clocks, vintage cameras, recycled found objects, etc to create the one of a kind art piece.”

A fresh look from a student in performing arts and a passion for photography. I particularly enjoy the playful lighting and cool effects of double exposure in this photo collection.

Bloom Recklessly is the name of the photographer’s shop, where you can browse through a wider selection of available prints.

Focusing in both still life and in landscapes, Maritere notes “Through my work I strive to stimulate the senses with images that can bring happiness, inspiration and beauty into people's lives; to challenge the viewer to imagine, to dream. A lot of thought and creativity are put into my work which reflects on treasured memories and my love for family, travel, art, design, architecture, nature, and life itself”.

A rich photo collection capturing magical moments filled with abstract inspiration through the lens of a dreamer.
Today I bumped into a very emotive and inspiring photo collection
in Etsy. I simply love the warm, dreamy colors, lighting and
aesthetics in Ravencolour’s compositions. 

The photographer is currently pursuing a degree in photography
and it is obvious that there are going to be plenty of eye candies
to come in the feature. Can’t wait!
The overwhelming colors of Tracey’s photographs are simply incredible! Images that seem to be taken out of a fairy tale or a magic wonderland of some sort …

Visit her gallery and view nature at its best! Macro photography depicting birds, flowers, trees, butterflies and more. An impressive and dreamy collection indeed!
Susannah Tucker is a self taught photographer who isn’t afraid to experiment with various mediums and techniques. She is inspired by “vibrant colors, watching the clouds drift across a blue sky, spring blossoms, the feel of sand and grass underfoot, rustic country scenes, all things vintage and brown paper packages wrapped in string”.

I really like the softness and poetic feel of her photo collection. Her emotive butterfly series is my favorite.