Megan Horsburgh is a self taught photographer raised in Pennsylvania and currently located in California. Her portraits are very emotive and expressive, covered by a dark veil of mystery. I also like the way she experiments with various techniques.

As the artist mentions in her online bio: In photography there are very few "firsts", and even fewer "lasts", but the possibilities are endless. I'll point a camera at just about anything, and quite often - at myself. Photography has shown me so many things, about myself and about the world in which we live. I never want to stop, and I'm never going to. So pay attention.”



02/16/2010 10:07

Oh, thank you so much for featuring me! :D

02/16/2010 13:35

It is a pleasure to have your work here Meg! :D
Keep creating ;)

08/09/2011 20:50

I'm lucky, I don't like sweets, not even chocolate.


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